2013 Beaver Stripes Chambers of Fear Haunted Hearse!!

The Beaver Stripes Chambers of Fear Haunted House HearseAfter teaming up with Beaver Stripes, the BEST vehicle wrap company in the biz, we figured our Hearse was in good hands! Last Friday when we went down to pick it up… we were BLOWN AWAY at what they accomplished. The Beaver Stripes Chambers of Fear Haunted Hearse has been unleashed!!

The 89’ Hearse is not to be missed, Chambers of Fear Haunted House is well represented along with our 2013 Partners/Sponsors: SONIC America’s Drive-In, Hungry Howie’s Pizza, FEARNet, Beaver Stripes, iDesigns, Scare Stars, Driven 4X4, 101.1 The Beat, Pro Muffler and Hurricane Grill & Wings!!

We have SO much in the works for this year; all of our Haunted Houses are going through major upgrades, all new scares, new everything – our 4th year at Bell Mar Plaza will be our BEST, SCARIEST YEAR EVER!!  Stay tuned for all kinds of upcoming details.

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If you see the Beaver Stripes Chambers of Fear Haunted Hearse around town, get a picture with it and tag yourself on our Facebook page at Facebook.com/ChambersofFear  & share it – you get automatically entered into our Haunted House Prize Drawings, which occur each day this October 2013!!

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Beaver Stripes Joins Our team!

Beaver Stripes and Chambers of Fear Haunted HouseChambers of Fear Haunted House was looking for another Spooky way to advertise the event all year long. What a better way than to get a Classic Hearse to draw some attention. We picked up an 89 Oldsmobile Hearse to add to our inventory of Shock! Our good friends and Sponsors Driven 4X4 helped us get the Haunted Hearse road ready. All we needed now was to get some Screaming graphics wrapped around it … we looked for the Best in the Valley… Beaver Stripes was at the TOP of our list for Automotive Vehicle Wraps!

Welcome Beaver Stripes & Molding Supply. They are a local (Arizona) Supplier of Automotive Graphics, Moldings and Custom Accessories. Beaver Stripes has been here for more than 25 years in the valley of the sun and plan to be around for many years to come. They have an expanded Line of Products & Services to fit the Needs of Your Business, small or large and the Trends of the Automotive Enthusiasts.

Beaver Stripes is the OFFICIAL SPONSOR of the Chambers of Fear Haunted House Hearse!

Be sure to look for it around town, if you get a picture with it and tag yourself on our Facebook page at Facebook.com/ChambersofFear you get entered into a drawing for a chance to win a Pair of Chambers of Fear Haunted House Tickets and other great prizes that will be part of our Daily Drawings in October!

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Chambers of Fear Haunted House Horrifying Mummy

Chambers of Fear 2013

It’s time once again for the Graveyard Crew to kick-off the annual preparations for the 2013 Haunted House Season with a trip to the 18th Annual Halloween and Attractions Show in St Louis. The Show where it all begins… we look forward to seeing what new goodies the vendors have in store for us this year. Along with catching up with industry friends whom we only get to share a week or so each year visiting and sharing great haunt stories. The late-night network sessions are priceless. This year we will be upgrading everything at our attractions, from sound and lighting, video feeds and projectors, along with many new and one of a kind custom props/animatronics including a couple of Giant Surprises guaranteed to scare the bejesus out of anyone!

Chambers of Fear has many new and exciting features and attractions for the 2013 Haunted House Season. Including the addition of our newest attraction – Scary Tales! Remember your childhood favorite’s… “TWISTED” does not even begin to describe the Tales you will experience here. Not recommended for persons with heart or nervous conditions. Once again we will offer 3 Ultimate Haunted Attractions, All at 1 Location, for 1 Price!

Make sure you visit our website ChambersofFear.com often, as we will have special deals and up to the minute Haunt details. Stop over and visit our Facebook Page for updates as well. Follow us on Twitter!! We have some major announcements coming soon – so stay tuned!

Chambers of Fear Haunted House 2012 Teaser News!!

Chambers of Fear Haunted House 2012Chambers of Fear Haunted House

“Chambers of Fear Haunted House is an intense dark attraction, filled with amazing actors, terrifying scares, incredible special effects and spine chilling entertainment. Top Rated Haunted House!”
Paul Boyd – Owner


Recent Customer Reviews:

“This is the closest you will ever get to being in a REAL HORROR movie!!”

“This Haunted House is AMAZING!!! Scariest haunt I’ve been to…  was clinging to my friend the whole time!!!  Surprises around every corner!!”


What’s New for Chambers of Fear Haunted House 2012?

We are pulling out all the stops in 2012, our 3rd straight successful year at the same location!

  • We have added 2 brand NEW haunted houses, Hillbilly Nightmare and the Den of Darkness, giving our patrons 3 Incredible Haunted Houses, all at 1 Location for 1 Price.
  • Over 25,000 Square Feet of Pure Terror!!
  • Chambers of Fear Haunted House will be featured on National Television for the 2012 season from a major world-wide syndicated network. (No Spoilers here.. details coming soon).
  • Chambers of Fear Haunted House is working with the TOP manufactures in the haunted house industry to bring you incredible, one-of-a-kind, custom creations to make sure your first scream may be your last!
  • We have in operation and display this season, the one prop that single handedly elevated the haunted house industry – according to HauntWorld Magazine, the leading source for the Haunt and Halloween Attraction Industry. Amazing, we have the last one actually produced by Distortions Unlimited… did we say Distortions Unlimited… the stars of the reality series “Making Monsters” on Travel Channel… just you wait!!
  • Not only are we having our weekly online drawing for 2 FREE R.I.P Tickets, but we are also having a HUGE drawing on Halloween Night for 2 Tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood, Best Western Gift Card to cover your stay and a SONIC gift card to fill you up while you are there – sign up now, click here to get to our Win Tickets page!
  • Our ACTORS and STAFF are truly world-class, they show up each and every night to give YOU the BEST haunting experience out there!
  • More.. More.. More… stay tuned!


Opening Night is Friday Sept 21st, mark your calendars! We have many special event nights during the season – check our website and Facebook page for all the current details.

Chambers of Fear Haunted House 2012 Updates

Chambers of Fear Haunted House 2012CHAMBERS OF FEAR Haunted House has many new and terrifying scares awaiting its visitors for this season. From the moment you enter this forbidden realm you know you’re in for the Fright of your Life. Will you be able to survive the Zombie’s Lair? Most don’t. Enter the Mummy’s Tomb and experience the Pharaoh’s Wrath.. if the Mummy doesn’t get you, the snake infested catacombs surely will. Even the bravest of souls will be tested in a house of horrors that will leave you screaming and your heart racing.

If you survive CHAMBERS OF FEAR and can make it to the exit and think you are finally safe… that is when you realize you have made a wrong turn. HILLBILLY NIGHTMARE is waiting for you. Enter a Government Nuclear testing zone closed to the public and supposedly empty. Cannibalistic inhabitants grossly disfigured from in-breeding and toxic waste will hunt and stalk you from the moment you enter. Experience ultimate fear as you try and escape their tricks and traps waiting around every corner.

Do you fear the dark? DEN OF DARKNESS is an attraction designed to play on that fear, you must feel your way through a web of twists and turns in a black-out attraction like no other. Snakes, spiders, insect infestations and other creepy crawlies are not the only things you will encounter within this heart pounding haunted attraction. If you’re afraid of the dark – do not enter. Is that someone or something standing in front of you or is it just your imagination?

Come out and enjoy a night of Fun and Fright at Arizona’s #1 rated Haunted Attraction by the Arizona Republic in 2011.

CHAMBERS OF FEAR HAUNTED HOUSE  is located just 5 minutes West of Arrowhead Mall on Bell Road in the Bell Mar Plaza.

We look forward to scaring you!


HAuNTcon 2012

Haunted Attraction National Tradeshow and Convention HAuNTcon is set to open May 3rd thru 7th 2012 at the Monroeville Convention Center in PA. Huge exhibit floor, Haunted House Tour, Hearse and Parade-Car Show, Seminars, Costume Ball, Celebrities and MORE!! This show has it all. Chambers of Fear Haunted House will be in attendance checking out all the fun and excitement.HAuNTcon 2012 Logo

A huge part of HAuNTcon that sets itself apart from other conventions are the seminars. This year there are over 40 hours of education, hands-on workshops and demonstrations. Best part is they are all included in your admission price. Haunters are always looking for new insights to help them with props, makeup, advertising, set design and more. HAuNTcon delivers!

These conventions are always a big part of Haunted House owners and operators – Arizona Haunted Houses will be included! The haunt tour this year includes: Fright Farm, Haunted Mansion, Hundred Acres Manor (featuring 5 themed attractions), and Haunted Hills Estate with 2 attractions to deliver the FEAR!! All Hotel and Transportation can be found on the link below to the HAuNTcon site.

For full details please visit: HAuNTcon.com

Keep an eye on our Promotions page as we will be releasing our special events nights, discount coupons and sponsor opportunities for the 2012 haunted house season. We look forward to Scaring you this Halloween! You can check out some of the best scares from the 2011 Haunted House season at ScareStars.com

Chambers of Fear Haunted House can be found on Facebook and Twitter for Regular Updates!

Sonic America’s Drive-In 2011 Title Sponsor!

Chambers of Fear and Sonic America’s Drive In!

(Arizona Haunted House) – AZ based Graveyard Entertainment is proud to announce SONIC America’s Drive-In as the “Title” sponsor of the 2011 Chambers of Fear Haunted House. Chambers of Fear is AZ’s Scariest Haunted Attraction, Graveyard Entertainment has been the leader in Scaring the Valley since 1997 – With more than 3,500 drive-ins from coast to coast, SONIC is the nation’s largest chain of drive-in restaurants, where approximately three million customers eat every day.

CHAMBERS OF FEAR, AZ’s Premier Haunted Attraction, returns to scare Arizona senseless for the second year at its Surprise location. Chambers of Fear will bring terror to the greater Phoenix area with many new themes and scares. 2011 is poised to be the scariest, creepiest, and most fun season ever. Chambers of Fear will provide SONIC with EXCLUSIVE new ticket promotions and event specials. Located in it’s same intense location: 11340 W.Bell Road (114th Ave and Bell), Chambers of Fear opens on Thursday, September 29th and runs through October 31st, 2011. Let the screaming begin!!

Chambers of Fear is preparing many new frights for the 2011 haunted house season. Among cutting-edge animatronics and state-of-the-art props, Chambers of Fear’s exciting horror experiences this year will scare your socks off.  A few frightful experiences sure to induce nightmares in 2011: the Zombie’s Lair, Victor’s Butcher Shop, the Laser Tunnel of Terror, Bad Bunny and all we can really say is…. Clown! The residents of Chambers of Fear have asked that we do not disclose too many of the details inside… but they welcome all patrons with open arms.

SONIC will be THE spot to grab incredible discounts for Chambers of Fear. Haunted House guests will also be treated to special promotions at local SONIC restaurants as well! Make sure you sign up for our “Win Free Haunted House Tickets” promotion, special offers will be extended to everyone who enters! Come out and join us for Nights Filled with Fun, Food and FRIGHT!

This is an incredible partnership that will grow this season and into the future!

Visit Sonic at www.sonicdrivein.com

Visit Graveyard Entertainment at www.graveyardentertainment.com


Arizona Haunted Houses Prepare for 2011 Halloween Season!

Arizona Haunted Houses Prepare for 2011 Halloween Season!

Halloween is still several months away, but if you are operating a Phoenix haunted house, Glendale haunted house and like us, a Surprise haunted house then you are in full production mode counting down the days until opening night. Halloween 2011 is set to be one of the BEST ever for Haunted Houses in Arizona! Most people spend their 4th of July weekend out by the pool and enjoying BBQ, haunt operators are busy painting sets, working on lighting designs and adding the creepy creatures to their haunted attraction for that high startle scare that brings the screams from our visitors. Halloween is a year round event for us, something we truly enjoy!

Chambers of Fear is set to open on Thursday September 29th.  We will run for five weekends all through October, with our final night for the 2011 season on Monday October 31st. Our operating hours will be Thursdays and Sundays from 7PM until 10PM and Fridays and Saturdays from 7PM until Midnight. We are located in the North Valley just a few minutes from Arrowhead Mall. From the 101 and Bell Rd, just head West a few miles and you will find us at the Bell Mar Plaza, 114th Ave and Bell Rd on the North side of the street. Hurricane Grill and Wings, Picazzo’s Pizza and 5 and Diner are also located at Bell Mar Plaza.

Keep an eye on our Promotions page as we will be releasing our special events nights, discount coupons and sponsor opportunities for the 2011 haunted house season. We look forward to Scaring you this Halloween!

Chambers of Fear can be found on Facebook and Twitter for Daily Updates!


Arizona Haunted House Goes Digital

Arizona Haunted House GOES DIGITAL!!

Chambers of Fear will once again partner with Gotcha Digital Imagery to bring Arizona it’s only haunted house equipped with ScreamCAM’s!  Gotcha Digital Imagery captures video clips of individuals or groups at haunted attractions, on thrill rides, or wherever heart-pounding moments occur. The customer can then preview this video as they exit the attraction. If the customer desires, the captured video can be downloaded from our web site.  Last season videos streamed on YouTube bringing Chambers of Fear patrons screaming for MORE!

Why we do it:

At Gotcha Digital Imagery we believe people are ready for a new way to share their thrilling experiences with others and we enjoy providing this ability to them. We also really enjoy watching other people get scared and we hope you do too.

Graveyard Entertainment and Gotcha Digital Imagery have worked together for over 10 years bringing SCARE technology to the forefront for Arizona haunters. Debuting back in the late 90’s at Arizona Fright Nights, our commitment to giving our customers the BEST in scares is world class!

Graveyard Entertainment’s 20+ years of Haunting Arizona:

Our reputation for delivering “The Fright of Your Life” makes us the most recognized company for Halloween and Haunted Houses in Arizona – come out and visit Chambers of Fear if you Dare!

Chambers of Fear can be found on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates as well!

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