RITUAL to make AZ Premiere at Phoenix Comicon 2012

Ritual The MovieChambers of Fear Haunted House personal DJ and Writer/Director of the Phantasmic film “RITUAL” has some great news for Phoenix Comicon 2012. Check out the details below.

On Friday May 25 from 8-9pm, RITUAL will have its Arizona Premiere at the coveted Phoenix Comicon 2012 at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix.  It will take place on the 2nd Floor in Remington B & C.  We will have two showings of RITUAL. All actors will be present in the same place for the first time since our principal filming took place at The Castle in October 2010.

Writer/Director, Andre Noe, will host a Panel Discussion and Q&A afterwards.  Plus, there will be a Photo-op with all the actors.  This will truly be a once and a lifetime event.  You won’t want to miss this one!

Please show your support by ‘Friending’ us on Facebook and IMDb or posting a message on YouTube.  We are all looking forward to seeing you on May 25 at the Phoenix Comicon 2012.

YES, Chambers of Fear Haunted House will have a booth at Comicon. Stop by and see us at booth number 923 for exciting 2012 event information, haunt photo-ops and incredible coupon offers. More details to follow! Stop out and support our good friend and his awesome movie!


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ritual/184728201577055

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1836900/

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiCV22Nyd8Y


Midwest Haunters Convention – June 3rd – 5th 2011

A haunting in Columbus

It’s a cloudless, radiant day in the heart of downtown. Dark, ghostly figures begin to congregate along the sidewalks as a zombie; his flesh rotted and peeling from the bone, makes his way to the door. Seemingly oblivious to the blood dripping from his gaping wounds, a smiling group of abominations shake hands and proceed inside.

Welcome to the Midwest Haunters Convention. Here, the country’s most macabre gather to celebrate and learn the art of spook. It’s a quirky brew of the most bizarre, intriguing and downright bone-chilling features of the Halloween season. While the convention specializes in informational workshops for those in the haunted attraction industry nationwide, their audience ranges from trained acting/makeup professionals to curious haunt enthusiasts and fans. It will take place June 3-5 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center downtown.

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Halloween and Haunted House Tradeshow was MAJOR Success

The 2011 Halloween and Haunted House tradeshow and convention is over and now haunted houses across the WORLD are renovating and upgrading their haunted houses for the 2011 haunt season.  The Transworld show was loaded with new vendors, offering scary costumes, masks, animations, monsters, zombies, special effects and much more.

Transworld estimates that over 6,000 people attend the show in St. Louis, Missouri leaving an overall impact on the St. Louis economy well into the multiple millions of dollars.  St. Louis realized what an impact this show was having on the local economy so they hang banners from street lights welcoming the Halloween industry to their city!

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